From interesting people comes interesting music! Zeb, born of Italian & Gypsy parents, moved to England at an early age of 14 & played guitar with the band “The Indians” at 18. After moving to NYC, Zeb helped start the great party Organic Grooves & has been a key contributor to IRMA Records (Italy), Codek Records, Rhythm Love Records, Turntables on the Hudson & WONDERWHEEL Recordings. Zeb has been a key producer behind the enormous Global, Dub, Funk movement since 1995! “Stop the Earth, I Want to Get Off!” is a superb album that spans the world in Eastern Dub & Folk, Bossa, Funk, Afrobeat & everything else that Zeb challenged himself with. Zeb plays Guitar, Oud & Bass, but he doesn’t stop there… Zeb also produces, arranges, programs & mixes all of his music! On “Para Fugir” guest vocalist Andrea Monteiro gives the album a Brazillian jem to add on to the World Electronic Dub album of 2007!