Nickodemus is a traveler at heart—a connector of worlds, scenes, and people since the mid-90s. Over his extensive career as a touring DJ and producer, including five albums, hundreds of remixes in his “Remix Machine” and two dozen compilations of cutting edge up incoming producers from around the World, remains one of the most important leaders of global fusion and the heavy beats we yearn for in the club. His music has long thrived on the close relationships and mutual respect of friends he’s built across the continents, felt through the worldly potions he cooks up in the studio, and spanning electronic sounds rooted in Latin, African, and Eastern instrumentation. His latest album, Soul & Science is a collaborative effort between old and new friends, recorded in several countries while touring as well as his home studio / record room / memorabilia museum.


Nickodemus’ sound is often focused on the connective tissue of his many live collaborations and the electronic solitude of his record-filled studio. Through his much-loved labels Wonderwheel Recordings & Turntables on the Hudson Music, he’s not only regularly releasing some of the most current, eclectic sounds in the biz, but focusing deeply on artist development and creating long-lasting moments that live on far longer than their track length. The music you hear in his releases are filled with expression, reflection, and care; they’re both open-minded and deeply focused, a rarity at times in today’s overcrowded music industry.


As a remixer, he’s also lent his “Remix Machine” to a wide range of artists including pioneers like Bob Marley and Nina Simone, as well as other like minded genre-welders like Thievery Corporation, Quantic, and Mr. Scruff. Throughout his career he’s also carved an important niche in the live music scene with his beloved Turntables on the Hudson parties that have popped up everywhere from New York to Cairo.


Currently on tour around Latin America, Europe, Africa & USA, Nickodemus’ latest expression is another portrait into the importance of shared ideas and the dialogue artists can share. It’s another bass-heavy global party and we’re all invited.

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