Brooklyn based musician/DJ/producer Chris Annibell, widely known for his long running NYC nightlife event, Afrokinetic, composes a deep, soulful, afro-house single featuring vocalist Rozie Gyems. Hailing from London, Gyems writes a beautiful lyric and melody sung in both English and Akan, a Central Ghanaian language which is widely known as Twi. The title, ‘Ye No ntem’ translates to mean, ‘To Hurry / Be Swift.’ It is a call to action to waste absolutely no time. Gyems explains, “It was the only word that could best describe the way I was feeling about our current time. Sometimes, we have this feeling where something shocks us and we are somewhat speechless… when I get into this state, I tend to speak Twi – out loud! The music called for such delivery – a time to listen and take action on something we believe in – Ye No ntem!”