Randomized Coffee

Randomized Coffee
“They craft a beautiful tapestry woven that’s together with elements from Afrobeat, Latin jazz and funk. They juxtapose African tempos and rhythms with house-grooves for a sound that’s both classic and modern.” (Big Shot Mag)
Randomized Coffee is a music project created by two Italian DJs, Massimiliano Troiani and Tommaso Checchi (Mr.Tomo).
Their passion for analogic sounds and a raw artisanal approach explores a new music territory mixing African tempos, Brazilian sound, jazzy grooves and Latin rhythms in a huge and emotional patchwork of tunes.
Many musicians ad fellow DJs like Carlos Francisco, Cristian Vinci and N’Dinga Gaba got involved in this project. In 2015 the track “Agboho – N’Dinga Gaba Remix” topped the Afro House Charts on Traxsource and lasted at No.1 for a month.
Following this success, Randomized Coffee produced the new EP “Baba/Cidade de Kalimba” via New York’s Wonderwheel Recordings, marking their first American release. This collaboration continued with “Mercato Burruchaga/Cotone Mediterraneo” featuring the great Italian percussionist Tony Cercola.
Their single “Barake” featuring Malian musician Kalifa Kone on drums/percussions and Griot singer Kady Coulibaly on vocals, was released in June 2019 and also included in the special vinyl compilation “Inside The Dance – Vol.4”.
In December 2019, Randomized Coffee “killer remix” of Novalima’s song “Rumbo Libre” was included in the “Ch’usay Remixed” album, alongside remixes by Nickodemus & The Spy From Cairo, Lagartijeando, Digital Afrika, Vitu, Gitkin, Lilo Cox, Emmaculate and Capitan Planet.
Hot or cold, sugar or cream, black or shaken, roasted or decaf – from morning till late – the best coffee for your ears is Randomized Coffee!
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