“La Misma Fuente”, the title track from Yemanjo’s upcoming full-length album for Wonderwheel Recordings, is a hypnotic and memorable mid-tempo groover with plenty to love.

The song’s lyrics were written in 2022 in Colombia after an ayahuasca experience–and the atmosphere of this intriguing track takes us right to the heart of the jungle.

Anchored by Yemanjo’s own harmonized vocals in Spanish, the lyrics remind of the unity Deep 808 bass meets dembow snare and pulsating synths in a complex yet spacious groove that rises to new levels with a compelling lead line between the verses.

“La Misma Fuente” is a radio and club-ready banger with a positive message for unity in these times of division, and a perfect title track for an album that brings together artists and influences from across the globe.