Yemanjo is the musical moniker of producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer Ben Harris. Born in the cultural goldmine of California’s Bay Area, Harris became enamored with the music of Latin America and Africa at a young age–an obsession that only grew when he began traveling the world at 19. Yemanjo began as an organic/electronic exploration of the shamanic music of South America, but quickly grew to include West African and Middle Eastern idioms as well. With the release of the full length “La Misma Fuente” album on Wonderwheel Recordings in 2024, Yemanjo is revealed in the full flower of his artistic promise; the production is a crisp and warm mix of acoustic and electronic elements with Harris’ live trumpet and other instruments woven throughout. From lyrical composition and vocals on the title track, this is cosmopolitan, tasteful beat-making with a deep understanding and love for the cultural traditions which inspired it.

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