“Juru Fô”, the first single from Yemanjo’s upcoming full length album “La Misma Fuente” on Wonderwheel, is an intercontinental collaboration between Yemanjo, Argentinian multi-instrumentalist Onanya and Malian singer Mariam Koné. This bouyant mid-tempo house groove is anchored by Onanya’s interlocking ngoni melodies, echoing djembe fills and Koné’s call and response vocals. Appropriately enough, the title translates as “Play the strings” in Koné’s native language of Bambara.

This is the fourth collaboration between Yemanjo and Koné, whose effortless, crystal clear delivery places her firmly in the tradition of modern legends such as Oumou Sangaré and Rokia Traore. “Juru Fô” is a joyous Afro floor-filler and a perfect introduction to the cross-cultural odyssey of the full length “La Misma Fuente”, set to release May 10th, 2024.