The second volume of El Búho’s “Tributaries” remix compilation series brings together 14 more remixes from UK born producer and remix extraordinaire Robin Perkins aka El Búho. Building on 2018’s first volume, the evolution of the producer’s sound and influences becomes clear. The album is threaded together by reinterpretations of traditional music in a new electronic-organic context. Be it Galician, Estonian, Colombian, Irish, Garifuna, Reunionnaise or French folk music, El Búho makes his own unique tribute to the originals, bringing them into his owlish universe.

The album mixes club-ready bangers with beautiful and moving interpretations, easily making sense both in your living room or behind the decks. We are treated to a wide delta of influences, styles and sounds, moving between the slow, psychedelic electronic cumbia take on Chadian group Pulo NDJ’s Dabadji Am Alcorama across the Atlantic to the upbeat, dancefloor fire remix of Garifuna Collective Ideruni, from an anthemic version of No Más Velorio by Colombia’s Plu Con Pla to a refreshing, driving remix of up and coming Reunionnaise producer Eat My Butterfly.

Tributaries offers both a nod to the past, paying tribute to traditions and folk music around the world, and a vision of the future, carving out new channels and directions, transporting the flows of the past into the future.

Artwork: Kristen Meyer
Artwork (editing): Colin Meyer
Mastering & mixdowns: Rafael Pérez (DJ Raff)