Nickodemus’ last album “A Long Engagement” was released May 2018 and made its way around the World’s listening devices & dancefloors via dj’s and an extensive tour. Now he’s back with a remix album that takes the original recordings back into the clubs with slow rolling remixes from both Chancha Via Circuito & Lagartijeando as well as soulful house mixes from DJ Spinna, Pablo Sanchez & Sammy Bananas. Bosq (Whiskey Barons) takes his mix of “Livin’ Your Dream” to heavy afro-reggae disco, while Sagaan (Andreas Saag) pushes “The Crow” into deep Detroit analog territories. Also weighing in are Umoja, who strip down “Mystic Molay” featuring Innov Gnawa, and The Spy from Cairo, with a cosmic electro-disco version of “Inmortales” featuring Fémina. The overall global fusion that Nickodemus is known for was taken to another level into the clubs by these carefully chosen producers.