“Each listen brings about a new feeling, sometimes evoking a mellow nostalgia and other times a celebratory rapture. But above all, it guarantees one thing for sure: the need to get up and dance.”
–The Fader

The album is verdant and cinematic, a more reigned-in vision than his wilder early compositions.

He’s put together traditional Andean music and instruments with chill downtempo electronic beats to create a very appealing sound.

Lagartijeando has been releasing music since 2009 (both under that name and Mati Zundel). He’s been associated with labels like ZZK (Nicola Cruz, Chancha Via Circuito) and Waxploitation (Gnarls Barkley, Danger Mouse)– with this new album being released on the amazing Wonderwheel Records (Novalima, Alsarah and the Nubatones).

Lagartijeando’s El Gran Poder is named after an important Aymara festival that takes place in Bolivia and Peru, purely to celebrate family. At these festivals, the community also celebrates their culture and the importance of the collective identity. Like these festivals, the album is a celebratory one, and will tempt any listener out of their seat. The album was recorded in Mati’s town, Dolores, outside of Buenos Aires. Once again taking a huge variety of sounds— this time influenced by Brazilian house, afro-brazilian rhythms, and folkloric Andean music. All songs are written and produced by Mati, apart from Lunita, a danceable track written in collaboration with Barrio Lindo. The album was mixed in Mexico by Andres Oddone and mastered in Buenos Aires by Sebastian Cordovan.