Argentinian artist Lagartijeando’s ground breaking LP “La Tercera Vision” gets the remix treatment featuring some of the brightest up and coming producers from Latin America and beyond. Wonderwheel family member Gitkin delivers a piece of psych’d out guitar centered dub on “Onda”, while label founder Nickodemus takes “La Cumbia de la Muerte” into hip-hop territory with all the Cumbia trimmings riding the beat. Tonga Conga (aka 1/2 of Sotomayor) delivers a killer analog Afrobeat remix of “Sideral Cumbia” with a drumbreak that could have come from Tony Allen, while Joaquin Cornejo goes into deep, ambient house territory with hints of the original Arabic vibe on “Mano de Fatima”. More deep & dancefloor remixes from Barzo, Yemanjo, J.Pool and Palka & Melina on deck. A lovely listen front to back.

Lagartijeando: Raised on rhythms of the Argentinian backwoods, Matias Zundel dips his dance tracks in country folk gold where chacareras, huaynos, and vidalas two step with jungle and electronica. Shaman chantand charango guitar loops are the backbone of Lagartijeando’s signature style. Native voices are the backbeat to percussion and bass tracks with organ melodies combining cumbia and psychedelic noise. Songs give deference to ritual and maintain respect for tradition while pushing the old into a cosmic space future. Step onto the Lagartijeando dance floor – a desert covered in a storm of stars.

Art: Dante Aguilera
Mastering : Mati Zundel