“Vente pa’cá” started with an afro-funk groove made by italian producer Jah Sazzah who has produced Dub, Reggae & a recent Deep Global Electronic album for Turntables on the Hudson called “Horizons.” When asked for a possible vocalist, Nickodemus made some edits & mixes and sent it to Grammy-nominated Colombian vocalist Jimena Angel who quickly put her signature vocal style as a catchy chorus saying “vente pa’cá” meaning “come here.”

Jimena was featured on the recent Captain Planet album with a hit song “Pambelé” as well as releasing many Latin/Electronic/Alternative singles the past few years. The song’s afro disco funk feel then got a heavy Caribbean style four to the floor Poirier remix with an entirely different melody for the dance-floors. Ex Ninja Tune artist and Montreal legend Poirier is best known for his remixes & modern Afro-Caribbean productions & has a strong selling album on Wonderwheel Recordings called “Soft Power.”

Released September 29, 2023