Wonderwheel is happy to welcome in Montreal based producer & don dada Poirier for his first release on the label, the “Be Alright” EP. Moving away from the traditional dancehall, dub and soca sounds he’s become known for, Poirier delivers a 4 track of Afro-House influenced dancefloor firestarters. “Sowia” heads to South East Africa with it’s floating guitar hooks, big bassline, and vocals in Portugese from Canadian-Moçambican singer Samito. “Ginobili” goes into deeper territory with four to the floor drums, heavily chopped percussion, and a hypnotizing distorted Mbira line, while “Camera” continues the tropical vibe with a nod to Semba with it’s driving guitar lines, staccato synth lines and thumping drums. “Antilles Trax” rounds it out as the extended instrumental version of “Sowia”.