Nickodemus’ first musical love has been hip-hop – in large part because of hip-hop’s ability to convey a poignant social commentary through lyrics and production. This is what drew him and Justin Carty together to form the project “A New York Minute”, released in May 2011 to critical acclaim. Continuing this historical global hip-hop project, Nickodemus and Carty made it to Tokyo with this concept in November 2011.

“A Tokyo Minute” has been recorded and filmed with very special help from Hiro Numata (Insense Music). MC’s on “A Tokyo Minute” include Shinpeita, Simon Jap, Pony & D.D.S. The Suke. Here’s another colored 7″ limited edition from this forthcoming hip-hop album and art project, A Global Minute with deeper downtempo Tokyo inspired beats.