Gabriele Poso


Gabriele Poso was born on the 22nd of October 1978  in Sardinia, in the heart of the Mediterranean, but grew up in Lecce, the capital of Salento.

Early in his childhood, he established a deep connection with music, and felt that he was truly born when he discovered his family’s vinyl collection comprised of the best jazz, soul and Afro-Latin music.

With the passage of time, Poso has dedicated himself to the study of various instruments, paying particular attention to the guitar, an instrument he uses to give life to his best compositions.  His later musical explorations led him into the fascinating world of percussion, that would become for him,  a real reason to live.

In 1998, he began to study Afro-Cuban percussion at “Timba” School Of Music in Rome under the guidance of the most important representative of Afro-Cuban culture in Italy, Roberto “Mamey” Evangelista.

In 2001, he moved to S. Juan, Porto Rico to deepen his musical knowledge at “Universitad Interamenricana De Puerto Rico” and attended masterclasses at “Escuela National De Arte” in Havana Cuba.

In 2008, Poso released his first solo album entitled “From The Genuine World“, produced for the American label, Yoruba Records. With this release, he began performing live and spreading his musical vision around Europe and the world.

In June 2012, became music director of “The Yoruba Soul orchestra” from grammy awards winning dj/producer Osunlade and released his second solo album called “Roots Of Soul” with the German Label INFRACom!.  The project boasts the participation of several influential international featured artists, including Osunlade and Nailah Porter, and has been highly appreciated by international music critics. It has received many positive reviews, and has earned several awards, including Best Jazz Independent Production 2012.

After a period spent in Berlin, Poso has recently completed his third solo album entitled “Invocation”, a work entirely produced, composed, performed, arranged, and sung by the artist himself.  In this album, he completely and profoundly expresses his musical vision, allowing him to create without any borders, expectations, or fears.  Invocation is a deep and ancestral journey, a secret door to discover the hidden side of yourself.

The album produced by the German label Agogo Records and distributed worldwide by !K7 in April 2014 gained support from the likes of Gilles Peterson and other syndicated international shows. With his organic sound and contemporary electronic language.

Long-awaited making his BBE record debut in2017 with compilation “The Languages Of Tambores” descibed by the Vynil Factory as “ancestral , evocative and visceral. Collection from Gabriele’s private archive with the central hub the percussion, is a spirtual journey through the cultural heritage of drums and rhythms.

Returns to the label with his new LP “Awakening” released 30th March 2018  captures an artist in full bloom, examining a crossroads between creative and personal paths.

Since his debut album in 2008 gabriele has amassed an imprevvise catalougue of solo work and guest appearances not to mention a hectic schedule of live and djset performance around the globe.


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