Time to “Baila a tú manera” with Nickodemus and Captain Planet – check out the remixed single below!

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Rewind in time to the mid 2000’s when Nickodemus was making many collaborations in San Juan Puerto Rico with the Candela All-stars, Quantic, & many Salsa, Rumba legends. Vocalist & guirro player Sammy Ayala (from the groups Ismail Rivera & Cortijo) was one of those legends & they had a quick easy style of working together. Baila a tú Manera feat Sammy Ayala came out with a Whiskey Barons remix in 2012. Almost 10 years later & we have another remix aimed straight for the dancefloor by the one & only Captain Planet. Let the dancers loose & raise a toast to the late great beautiful Sammy Ayala one more time.