The Final Single, “Plastic (A Bigger Name) [feat. The Illustrious Blacks]” from Nickodemus’ LP ‘Soul & Science’ Is Out! Stream the Song and Pre Order the LP Below!

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The third and final single from Nickodemus’ new album “Soul & Science” is one for dancing outside in the summer at parties, parades and parks. “Plastic (A Bigger Name)” features NYC Queer icons The Illustrious Blacks who give voice to this stomping dancefloor anthem with an irresistible bassline. Called “Bed-Stuy’s favorite creative couple” by the New York Times, The Blacks deliver a lyrical performance calling out the social media driven fakeness that’s taken over the world…”counterfeit reality just for clicks and likes / selling out integrity for the latest trend / superficial happiness…it’s all pretend!”

The Blacks deliver a big, unapologetic call to action to be yourself and no one else in this world. The track references the infamous “Plastico” groove by Ruben Blades and Willie Colon which, even though being over 40 years old, has very similar lyrical content in Spanish.