Sotomayor is the electronic music project with afro latin influence by siblings Raul (music production) and Paulina (vocals). It is a dance music project that fuses rhythms like cumbia, afro beat, dancehall, Peruvian “chicha” and merengue with futuristic electronic beats. The band debuted in 2015 with “Salvaje,” an album that allowed them to perform in several festivals around the globe in countries like England, US, Mexico and Colombia. The album received excellent reviews from foreign media in countries like Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, Chile, United States and Colombia. They also appeared in more than 25 lists of the best of the year from medias from all around the world. 2020 will see the release of “Orígenes” their 3rd studio album trough the NY based label Wonderwheel Recordings. This album was recorded between Mexico and Puerto Rico, and was produced by the 28 times Grammy Winner Eduardo Cabra aka “Visitante” from the legendary band “Calle 13.” In this production Sotomayor explores a new Afro Caribbean vision in the music, much more dance floor focused, and highly influenced by percussion.