Nickodemus’s Wonderwheel Recordings label brings South America up into the North & all around the world for a killer collection of remixes of Colombian artist / singer / producer Pernett. The original “Cumbia Computer” is a deep groover with Gaita flutes, subtle 8-bit synths, heavy percussion rolls, and Pernett’s signature vocals. Things start getting smoky when Zeb flies the tune straight to Jamaica via his very heavy Reggae remix, and from there we arpeggiate ourselves straight into the orbit with Zeb’s Cosmic Electro Mix of “Cumbia Computer”, channeling a deep Minimal-Wave meets Baleric vibe. Rounding out the release, Nickodemus puts the work into Pernett’s “La Rumba Bacana” beefing it up into just the kind of Tropical Dancefloor joint you’d expect!