Queens producer and member of the NYC’s infamous Cumba Mela DJ crew Atropolis makes his debut on Wonderwheel Recordings with the “Jump EP”. The driving force behind this EP was lit when Atropolis lost all of his music productions created from 2016-2017 right before the turn of 2018. Parallel to this unfortunate loss of work, he has been on bit of a hiatus of releasing original music. “Jump” encompasses the positive force needed when faced with extreme doubt in the presence of pursuing whatever path you may be on. Sometimes you just gotta Jump to make it happen.

Each collaboration on this EP is rooted in Atropolis’ musical tastes and heritage. Yasou Astoria ft. Stravos Skyrianos, embodies his Greek Cypriot heritage that has been holding it down in Astoria since his grandparents migrated to New York City in 1927. Gaita NYC ft. Martin Vejarano, invites Atropolis’ gaita instructor from Colombia to embark on the hypnotic timbre’s one of Colombia’s most notorious indigenous instruments, the gaita (Colombia Flute). As a former frequent crowd member of Brooklyn’s local music venue, Barbes, is the place where Atropolis danced the nights away to the seductive melodic accordion riff’s of Forró. Luckily he was introduced to Vitor Goncalves, an incredible accordion player from Brazil, to finally work closely with the essence of Forró, in their track, Tudo Bem. Finally, Just, is one of the few tracks that survived Atropolis’ hard-drive crash, stored in an email attachment, this uplifting track is the final push to just jump and go for it.