GRIND! If anyone knows about grinding out a days work, it’s MC’s Stimulus & Malik Work (of the group The Real Live Show) & Sadat X (of the group Brand Nubian)!

“If ever a group lived up to their name, it’s The Real Live Show. With a distinguished palette of players backing them, New York City purebred MCs Stimulus and Dionysos( now Malik Work) paint a pitch-perfect portrait of hip-hop’s spirit. Check the album, check the video, but the real-deal hip-hop experience is seeing them live.” – Village Voice

Follow Sadat X’s twitter account, you also know this guy is putting in WORK! From the oldschool days of one of Hip Hop’s most notable 90′s group Brand Nubian, to being featured on 100′s of Hip Hop tracks in just the past few years alone, Sadat X’s unique voice & flow has been featured on records from Diamond D, Pete Rock, Prince Paul, A Tribe Called Quest, Tony Touch & many more. Not to mention the endless amounts of stages he’s rocked during the past 20+ years in the business!

As the 2nd track Nickodemus, The Real Live Show & Sadat X have collaborated on (see “A NEW YORK MINUTE”), Sadat X lays in the hook for “Grind” & sets the tone in the middle of a hurting economy & another pending War in the Middle East by stating, “Me? I don’t want no War, I’m tryna pay bills without sleeping on the floor…” Stimulus & Malik Work continue on with their daily grinds working for self in the music business as MC’s, DJ’s, promoters etc… Everyone’s grind is relative, but these 3 MC’s are always on the Grind in NYC & all across the World! @WWW.NickodemusNYC

Press track 2 & we have a very funky mid 90′s bounce on the FREQNIK & WDRE Remix. These two Long Island DJ, producer, record diggers have been in the game since the early 90′s! Now with their own productions & bootleg remixes gaining big fame on the scene, they went from dropping beats over classics to working with Lil Dap (Group Home) & now their 1st official remix. Watch out in 2014 for much more from this crate diggin duo!

Flip to track 3 & we have NYC producer J.Bless going deep into some off-kilter sitar jazz groove while Stimulus lays in some extra bonus chorus & outro vibes.

*From the forthcoming 2014 album “ABOUT FACE” by The Real Live Show