La Mujer Serpiente/Cumbia Serpiente is the 1st single from Earthtones’ upcoming LP on Wonderwheel. This collaboration with longtime friend & co-producer, Oliwa, features vocal delivery and heartbreakingly beautiful songwriting by Colombian Canadian artist/singer, Lido Pimienta.

Behind the live cumbia rhythms, bass synths, analog keys, 808 drums & guitars, the vision of this track is one of upliftment of womxn and femmes everywhere.

Released September 22, 2023
Produced by Earthtones & Oliwa
Vocals by Lido Pimienta
Written by Lido Pimienta, Serge Bandura, Stefan Oliver Newell
Percussion by Roland Gajate
Addl. Percussion by Bradley Martin
Mixed by Damien Lewis at the Tree House
Mastered by LOPAZZ