Coney Island Love is a series inspired by sights & sounds of the great Coney Island Amusement Park & Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. On this second 12″ you’ll hear four more cuts from the final mix CD under the same name. On the A side, Zimpala’s “The Breeze is Black” (Bobby Hughes Experience Remix) has a Jazzy Brazilian Funk feel. The second cut, Julianese, by Alpha Bass, has a hard hitting beat with steady vocals & instrumentation that is very quick & to the point. (DJ’s are encouraged to get 2 copies & make their own extended versions of this 2 minute track). Side B starts with a personal favorite by the dubmaster The Rootsman. Again, heavy dub beats and accordian with beautiful floating vocals by Rosapaeda. Lastly, Alpha Bass rounds off the 12″ with a heavily layered instrumental, merging electronics & the instrumentation of the East.