Coney Island Love is a series inspired by sights & sounds of the great Coney Island Amusement Park & Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. On this 12″ you’ll hear Jazzy horn sections mixed with the various Dancehall sounds in Haaksman + Haaksman’s “Bucovina” Remix. N.O.H.A.’s “Balkan Hot Step,” sounds like a Boban Markovic soundtrack mixed with a fat steppin beat. Both A side tracks have been fun dancefloor fillers for months! The street sounds in Nickodemus & Osiris’s remix of “Tanguedia 3″ packs the funk & gives Tango a completely different NYC edge. Lastly, The Spy from Cairo’s Romanian/ Indian Gypsy Dub “All is One” is an exclusive track that adds to the Neptune Ave vibes on this first CONEY ISLAND LOVE 12″.