“Hierba Mala” is the result of the collaboration between Aluminé Guerrero, an Argentine singer with a bewitching voice, and Jean Dasso (aka Yeahman), a French artist recognized in the worldof electronic and folktronica music.With thisfive-track EP, they both transport us to a world full of melancholy and sweetness. Themelodies mingle with syncopated rhythms, creating an atmosphere conducive to daydreaming, dancing and contemplation.The texts, written in Spanish by Aluminé Guerrero,t ell us about uprooting, identity, the landscapes of Argentina and the weeds (“Hierba Mala”) as a symbol of resilience andresistance.Herpowerful voice also calls for struggle, and goes perfectly with the productions of Yeahman, who, as in his first album “Ostriconi”, brings a sensitive and dreamlike touch to each title.South American influences are omnipresent in the album, notably through the use ofArgentinian percussion, classical guitars, and traditional ternary rhythms. Charango, vocoders,and synthesizers then intermingle in a transatlantic symbiosis that creates an a typical atmosphere that is resolutely modern and anchored in ancestral folklore.