Poirier & Samito New Single “Sim Bombei” is OUT!

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The second single from his upcoming album, Poirier is back with “Sim Bombei,” a collaboration with Montréal-based Mozambican artist Samito. The track fuses East African rhythms with electronic production and guitar riffs, while Samito carries the vocal melody. With his first album dating back to 2001, Poirier is a prolific, creative and eclectic Canadian producer / musician with a 20 year journey of creating music. Constant in his albums and DJ performances is a desire to build bridges between different languages, communities, and cultures. His open, uninhibited musical mind means that his works bend boundaries, resulting in compositions that mix several styles and eras. He now has produced a total of 11 albums and many EPs with labels such as Ninja Tune, Nice Up Records and, more recently, Wonderwheel Recordings. Active in Montreal, his successful monthly dance party Qualité de Luxe is dedicated to African and Caribbean music, attracting crowds for over six years. Poirier is also the man behind Bounce le Gros and Karnival, parties with legendary status in Montreal nightlife history. Poirier’s “Soft Power” LP is out on New York’s Wonderwheel Recordings in June.