Next From His Tributaries Vol. 2: El Búho’s Remix of La Chica’s “3” ☀️ Out Today!

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The second single from El Búho’s “Tributaries Vol. 2” compilation comes by way of a remix of “3” by La Chica (aka French-Venezuelan singer, songwriter, and producer Sophie Fustec), from the 2020 album “La Loba.” When El Búho first heard the stunning track, he was instantly captivated and wrote to the singer to ask if he could do a remix. This version takes the incredible vocals and melodic piano line and transports it into El Búho’s universe with repitched vocals punctuated by sparkling snares and held together with a grooving bassline; yet the emotional depth is still very much present.

“3 (El Búho Remix)” is out on Brooklyn’s Wonderwheel Recordings August 19th, with the full “Tributaries Vol. 2” compilation slated for a September 16th release.