New Single “Sano” From Chancha Via Circuito & Luvi Torres Is Out! Stream And Pre-order The 2×7″ Below

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Luvi Torres and Chancha Via Circuito – two groundbreaking Argentinian artists – offer an early taste of their first collaborative EP, “Ceremonia,” with “Sano,” a stunning work of rich harmonies and meditative ambience. “Sano,” meaning “I heal,” sees singer-songwriter Luvi Torres’ voice layer in interspersed melodies and harmonies, repeated as if a mantra, while Chancha Via Circuito’s (aka Pedro Canale) sparse productions seem to float wistfully around the soundscape: A subtle yet beautiful presence.

The full “Ceremonia” EP and 2×7” is due out on Wonderwheel Recordings October 15th.