New Remix Album of Kaleema’s “Útera” Releases Today 👇

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Argentina’s Kaleema (aka Heidi Lewandowski) follows up her critically acclaimed sophomore effort, “Útera,” with a remix album featuring 8 remixes by artists from a variety of latitudes: El Búho (UK), Ohxala (Portugal), Numa Gama (Brazil), Isaac Soto (Mexico), Pahua (Mexico), Cigarra (Brazil), Mettabbana (United States) and Andi Otto (Germany).

The original songs touched on themes of openness, multiplicity and exploration, in turn appealing to folkloric remnants that in any case were indefinable – without obvious provenance – to form a record that plays as if in a dream. But in new hands these songs find even wider paths, enriched by each new performer, always with one foot on the dance floor, playing with a great melting pot of sounds and diversity of rhythms, at times going through deep house in powerful progressions, others venturing toward a Latin American heritage. The result is a rich album that serves as much for home enjoyment as for the dance floor.

Kaleema’s “Útera (Remixes)” is available worldwide on Wonderwheel Recordings March 25th, 2022.