New Populous Single Collab with M¥SS KETA & Kenjii is OUT NOW!

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The Italian ballroom scene is vibrant and Milan is under the international spotlight. For his new single “House of Keta”, Italian DJ and producer Populous (aka Andrea Mangia) invited Italian icon, M¥SS KETA, and the pioneer mother of Italian voguing, Gorgeous Kenjii Gucci, to create a ballroom anthem. Fashion, shady references and bold runways are the ingredients of this beat that you can’t refuse to dance to. The day after Milano Pride 2019, the concept of HOK was conceived by DJ and creative director Protopapa, along with Motel Forlanini (M¥SS KETA’s clique) and the producers Riva and Populous. This journey was supported by the help of Gorgeous Kenjii Gucci, an outstanding performer, dancer and choreographer who also acts in the song’s bridge.

With a background in musicology, Populous has always been interested in disparate genres and styles of music, which is reflected in the output from the Populous project and its focus on Latin American sounds as refracted through a European lens. In 2003, Mangia made his first jaunt into the music world with the album ‘Quipo’ (via Morr Music), followed by ‘Queue For Love’ in 2005. Influenced by his reggae/hip-hop-infused surroundings (Lecce is known as Italy’s Jamaica, as reggae and dancehall are extremely popular there) he released ‘Drawn in Basic’ in 2008, which was well received by international critics, earning him a spot on the global dance music map. The 2010s have seen Mangia refine the Populous sound with albums like ‘Night Safari’ (Bad Panda Records) and ‘Azulejos’ (Wonderwheel Recordings), while also expanding his role as a sound designer for fashion houses such as Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, Isabel Marant, and Elie Saab, among others.

‘W’ releases on Wonderwheel Recordings May 22nd.