Lagartijeando Releases “Mano de Fatima (feat. Khalil Mounji)” Today! Stream the single and pre-order the LP below

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Lagartijeando returns to Wonderwheel with the second taste of his upcoming album, “Mano de Fatima.” Maintaining a focus on fusing traditional sounds with forward-facing, electronic production, this single sees the Argentinian turn toward Morocco and its peoples’ deep cultural histories for influence. Specifically, “Mano de Fatima” features Gnawa artist Khalil Mounji on vocals and guembri (aka sintir, the three-stringed, skin-covered lute used in Gnawa music). Mounji’s melismatic voice carries hypnotic qualities over Lagartijeando’s driving beat, forming a sound that is at once meditative and exciting; it is a fascinating meeting of two worlds that invariably compliment each other, from the southern tip of the Americas, to the northwestern corner of Africa.

Lagartijeando is the name of producer, musician and DJ Mati Zundel. Strongly influenced by his travels through Latin America, Mati’s signature psychedelic dance tracks latch onto everything from traditional folk sounds from the Bolivian altiplano to the jungle beats of Brazil. Mati hypnotically fuses his traditional influences (with an emphasis on shaman chant and charango loops) with contemporary electronic beats, creating a sound that once left NPR speechless.

His album is due out on Wonderwheel Recordings at the end of October.