Earthtones’ Debut LP ‘We Can Live Together’ Is Out Now. Listen here:

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“We Can Live Together is the first full LP by Earthtones on Wonderwheel. The title is a message, a prayer, and a vision for humanity. It is a reminder that we are in this life together, that love binds us all, and it is only the ideologies and social systems built to prohibit our ability to recognize how close we are that hold us back. We can live, together.

The record is based in Folkloric Futurism, a movement that explores the convergence of global folk traditions with technology. Channeling the influence of proto House & Techno pioneers like Mr. Fingers, Kevin Saunderson and Inner City, Earthtones combines analog synthesizers & vintage drum machines with folkloric vocals and instrumentation in a way uniquely his own. It’s a celebration of the intersection of past and future, here and there, ancestry and technology. It celebrates themes of spirituality, feminism, love, and most of all, peace.

Highlights include “Ọsanyìn”, a prayer to the Orisha Ossain, with Maikel Alberto Salazar of rumba super-group Obbatuké on vocals. Recorded in Santiago De Cuba, the track is evocative of Mala’s classic “Mala In Cuba” album that broke down barriers between electronic music & traditional music. “La Mujer Serpiente”, having seen a sellout 7” last year features Polaris prize
winning artist Lido Pimienta- behind the live cumbia rhythms, bass synths, analog keys, 808 drums & guitars, the vision of this track is one of empowerment of womxn and femmes everywhere. Ancestral and contemporary Colombian voices are present on the mid-tempo dancefloor track that is the single “Limones” with Semblanzas Del Rio Guapi, Oliwa & the chugging analog rap soundscapes of “Quiero Que Mami” with Verito Asprilla . The album also touches into ambient moments (“Song of the Wind” , Waves”) – inspired by friends Carlos Nino, Matthew David, Colloboh and the vibrant West Coast environmental sound movement.

Earthtones is an artist, DJ, musician, producer, international vinyl collector, former graffiti-writer & meditator based in Ojai California, actively collaborating with artists across the globe. Earthtones creates and shares a diverse array of music, and has released projects on Wonderwheel Recordings, Isle of Jura Records (distributed by Rush Hour Intl.) and independently, with another project on Multi-Culti Records on the way. As a DJ, Earthtones has been behind acclaimed global rhythm parties such as International Sunshine & Beat Tropíc, ambient hi-fi events such as The Listening Garden, and the Commune Festival (now, “Cultura”). He’s spent his life dedicated towards bridging electronic and futuristic music with folkloric & ancestral sounds, creating cross-cultural sonic tapestries and spanning genres from Ambient to Dance Music.