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Check Out Simón Diaz’s “Tonada de Luna Llena” along with the Basic Need Remix

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“Tonada de Luna Llena” is a classic song by Venezuelan folkloric singer/composer Simón Díaz that speaks of the calm beauty of the full moon. It’s a spiritual anthem ingrained in the Venezuelan DNA & it’s finally re-released on 10″ vinyl along with the heavy deep bass & slow techno touches of Pablo Sánchez & Alexi Delano under their production moniker “Basic Need,” released with the blessing of the Díaz family.

Simón Díaz was a legendary Venezuelan folk singer, songwriter, composer, comedian, and actor, among other things, who had a career spanning over 50 years. Known colloquially as “Uncle Simón,” Díaz has been extremely influential in repopularising the traditional music of the Venezuelan llanos, or plains, and was the recipient of numerous awards and accolades including a Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and “The Great Ribbon of the Liberator’s Order,” the highest recognition of Venezuela. Pablo Sánchez is a DJ and producer from Caracas; Alexi Delano is a Chilean-Swedish electronic music artist known for his unique techno sound. The two musicians met in Brooklyn, New York, and now collaborate in Barcelona under the moniker Basic Need.

The release has been pressed to an exclusive limited edition 10” vinyl, and will be available in July, 2020.