Brooklyn Gypsies – Desobediencia Out Now Worldwide!

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‘Desobediencia’ comes right on time with a global fusion mashup that defies conventional borders. The 4 track EP is a culmination of influences stemming from the groups diverse individual backgrounds Spain, Japan, Italy, U.S. & Hungary. Brooklyn Gypsies bring their signature style of bass heavy synths, live horns, Arabic percussion, string <script>and oud arrangements echoing shades of the Middle East coupled with the Spanish vocalist Carmen Estevez hypnotic vocals floating from her mountain cave in Granada as heard in ‘Daw Alsahara’. In addition the group features Senegalese Reggae vocalist Meta Dia on an arrangement of composer Ahmed Wahby’s ‘Allatch Tloumouni’ that embarks from a desert kasbah <script>and emerges at a Brooklyn Reggae Soundsystem. Desobediencia (Disobedience in English) is a call to all who value freedom of thought <script>and nonconformity in a time when sources of information are constantly questioned <script>and selfies are a generations virtual identity. Brooklyn Gypsies look to their ancestors to remind us how we were all once <script>and still can be united.